Rainbow’s End features an appealing assortment of traditional and unique flavors.

Premium Smoothie Bars have made Rainbow’s End their number one preferred line. There are thirteen different flavors, most all of which are 100% juice.

Rainbow’s End juices come packed in 2/1-gallon, plastic, recyclable jugs to the case. When reconstituted, each case will yield between ten and twelve gallons of single-strength juice. Excluding one flavor, the products are all natural, without added sugar or preservatives. All the flavors are pasteurized for safety and come shipped frozen.

These products can be hand-mixed or used in a pre or post-mix juice dispenser.

Profitime developed the Rainbow’s End frozen concentrated juice line for Southwest Traders, headquartered in Temecula, CA. This brand name is owned and exclusively distributed by Southwest Traders.

For more information on other Rainbow’s End products you can call Southwest Traders at 800-275-7984 or visit their website at www.southwesttraders.com.