Profitime offers several different options in juice dispensing equipment.

Dispensers are available in two, three and four flavors. Some options that are available within these dispensers are:

  • Portion control
  • Flavor lock outs
  • Illuminated front panel
  • Extended splash panel
  • Lowered drip tray for filling pitchers

Profitime offers free use of a juice dispenser along with service for qualified customers. A qualified customer is one who is credit-worthy, is located in an area that Profitime services (California) and serves over 100/8-ounce juice servings per day.

We also sell refurbished and new IMI juice dispensers. For pricing see our equipment page.

The dispensers that we use to dispense Millennium juice concentrates are the Quantum and Quest models manufactured by IMI. IMI is the leading manufacturer of post-mix juice dispensers. For specifications on each of the models that we use, please visit our Dispenser & Parts page.