Humble Beginnings

Profitime had humble beginnings in a garage back in 1974 when Bert Lane and Sam Benoun started the company. Both men had extensive experience in the food service industry. They originally met in the ‘40’s when they were both working for Best Foods. Both men had a wealth of experience when Sunkist, a world leader in citrus products specifically asked the friends to start up a company to market and manage their dispenser juice program. The name of the newly developed Sunkist juice line was Profit Pak, which led to the company name, Profitime. The company focused on marketing and distributing dispenser juice concentrates and servicing and maintaining post-mix juice dispensers.

Iced Tea

1978, Profitime took over the master distributorship of Lipton fresh-brewed tea in Southern California. This was a strategic quantum leap for the company. It happened because the Thomas J. Lipton company was aware of Profitime’s ability to effectively market beverage concentrates and support those efforts with an outstanding dispenser service and maintenance program. Profitime went to work to develop and manage the Lipton’s fresh brewed iced tea program for Southern California.

Even as Profitime was expanding in other areas, the company recognized a need in the Institutional Market for a quality line of liquid tea concentrates to be used in dispensers. So, in 1980, Profitime began manufacturing and distributing liquid iced tea concentrate.

Like Father, Like Son

In 1986, James Lane joined the management team at Profitime. With a background in distributed computing and system analysis, James transitioned the company’s service and beverage distribution programs into electronic databases—improving service efficiency.

New Sales Management

In 1992 Profitime chose to expand the marketing scope of the company-- by hiring Ed Sullivan. Ed’s foodservice experience at Campbell Soup, Quaker Oats and McCain Citrus made him the ideal candidate for the job. His strong background in juice programs coupled with his sales and marketing skills brought a new perspective to the company.

New Juice Flavors Introduced

In 1993 we were the first dispenser juice company to introduce several tropical juice flavors (Passion-OJ-Guava, Strawberry-Guava and Kiwi Raspberry) into the marketplace. The move was a huge success that others have quickly followed.

Sunkist Dumped

In January 1994, Profitime made the decision to sever our relationship with Sunkist in order to gain more control over our own destiny. We believed that by developing our own branded juice line(s) and choosing our own suppliers it would remove the impediments that hindered our growth and options. This decision resulted in the creation of our first line named Millennium. Same product...different name!

Smoothie Bars Begin to Flourish

In 1996, Profitime saw the need for a different juice line designed exclusively for the emerging Smoothie Bar trade. The company aligned itself with the premier Smoothie Bar distributor in the country, Southwest Traders. Together they have catapulted Profitime manufactured juice concentrates to the top of the industry. These juices are marketed under both the Rainbow’s End and Millennium names.

Company Acquisition

In 2004, Profitime acquired Pacific Western Beverage (PWB), headquartered in Sacramento, CA. PWB was a dispenser juice company that serviced the Northern California marketing area for over 15 years. All of PWB juice customers have been successfully transitioned to one or more of the Profitime programs.

Blue Frog Introduction

In 2008, Profitime made company history by developing its’ first line of shelf-stable, juice blends called Blue Frog.

Aseptic Packaging Capabilities

In 2012, Profitime began experimenting with packaging some concentrates aseptically. Aseptic packaging allows us to transport our premium juice concentrates in a shelf-stable environment. They have a refrigerated shelf-life of approximately seven months without any preservatives.

In 2013, we began shipping aseptically-packaged juice concentrates to Asia, working with one of the most respected and diversified food companies in the world.

Blue Frog Enhanced Vitamin Waters

In early 2014, Profitime developed a beverage line of Enhanced Vitamin Waters under the Blue Frog brand. Since vitamin waters have proven to be a refreshing new alternative to soda in the retail setting, why wouldn't the same hold true in a food service setting?  Blue Frog Enhanced Vitamin Waters are fortified with six essential vitamins, containing no sugar and no calories and sales continue to exceed our expectations.

Continuing Our Legacy

Today Profitime continues to develop products and programs to meet the huge demand in dispenser juices and continues to provide indispensable solutions for customers across the country.

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