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Ed Sullivan

James R. Lane
Chief Financial Officer
Profitime and California Apple

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Russ Burgess
Chief Operations Officer
Profitime and California Apple

Ed Sullivan

Ed Sullivan,

Graduated in 1979 from Rollins College,
Winter Park, FL.
B.A. in Business Administration

Ed started his foodservice career with the Campbell Soup Company in 1981 as a Sales Specialist in the Northern Florida territory based out of Jacksonville, Florida. In 1983, Ed moved to Altanta, GA where he accepted the promotion to District Supervisor responsible for supervising the sales activities over the Southeastern US.

In 1984 Ed was recruited by Quaker Oats Company to become the District Sales Manager for the Southeastern US to manage it’s rapidly growing Foodservice Division. Two years later, Ed accepted a promotion as the National Training Manager based out of Quaker’s National headquarters in Chicago, IL. That position allowed Ed to gain tremendous knowledge about the juice industry due to his assignment of developing training programs for both Quaker’s beverage subsidiaries; Ardmore Farms and Richardson Foods.

With Ed’s new found knowledge in training, coupled with his passion to help others, he embarked on a project to assist people on how to get the job of their dreams. So he left Quaker in 1989 to pursue the development of a training aid (books on tape) titled; The Job Interview, the key to landing the job. After a one-year hiatus from food-service and promoting his book on television and radio, Ed was ready to return back to the industry he loved.

Ed was quickly offered a consultant position with McCain Citrus (the largest private label, retail juice concentrate manufacturer in the world) to help strengthen the newly formed Foodservice division. Six months later he was asked to come aboard full time. While at McCain Citrus he oversaw sales growth of $6 million to $15 million in less than two years. While at McCain, Ed developed a strong relationship with Profitime as a juice supplier. That relationship eventually led to the principals offering him a position with the opportunity of becoming a partner in the business. Ed joined the company as the Vice President of Sales in 1992 is now a partner and the President of Profitime. 


James R. Lane

James R. Lane,
Chief Financial Officer,
Profitime and California Apple

Graduated in 1975 from UCLA

Jim graduated from UCLA in 1975 with a degree in Communications. He came to work for Profitime’s sister company, California Apple Products, the following year. He spent two years at Cal Apple helping to set up the processing plant and driving the delivery truck. He left to pursue his dream of being a Hollywood screenwriter.

He spent the next ten years honing his skills as a technical writer, systems analyst, film distribution accountant and fledgling computer guru. He returned to work at Profitime in 1986; initiating a move from a paper-based sales and inventory tracking system to one based on mini-computer technology. As micro-computers, LAN firmware and accounting software dramatically improved in the 1990’s; Jim oversaw the implementation of a company-wide network of personal computers resulting in a company able to more effectively manage its dispenser assets, track service/maintenance through site-specific and dispenser-specific logs and analyze site-specific sales on a monthly basis.

With the increased sophistication of PC software for business accounting and material/inventory management, Jim oversaw the company's move to Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions software and then integrated the ACCTivate inventory management program. He is currently exploring the idea of moving the company's accounting systems to the cloud.

As Chief Financial Officer of both Profitime and Cal Apple, Jim is busy trying to balance the upside of rapid growth with the responsibility of returning profits to the stakeholders.


Russ Burgess

Russ Burgess,
Chief Operations Officer,
Profitime and California Apple

Graduated in 1981 from
Sylmar High School, Sylmar, CA.
Graduated in 1984 from North Valley Occupational Center specializing in HVAC.

Russ is a native Californian, raised in Sylmar. Russ married his high school sweetheart, Lori in 1982. Russ has two children, a son and daughter.

After graduating from high school, Russ joined Profitime as a Liquid Iced-Tea Packer and Shop Assistant. Soon after Russ joined Profitime, management realized that Russ possessed some very special talents in the equipment diagnostics area. Electrical, mechanical and refrigeration are all areas that came naturally to Russ.

In 1989, at the age of 26, Russ was promoted to Service Manager. His responsibilities included (but not limited to) the coordination of all the Profitime’s service activities. Three years later Russ was promoted to Operations Manager for both Profitime and our sister company, California Apple Products. Russ became a partner in 1993. He is currently on the Board of Directors of California Apple.

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